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Tricking Classes

Tricking blends the kicking actions of TaeKwonDo with the aerial motions of Acrobatics and the unlimited movements of Dance. Though deeply rooted in the Martial Arts, Tricking is a non-contact art form, and movement practitioners of all types are jumping in. Its unique philosophies are well-regarded for instilling physical and social fitness into people increasing their awareness and self esteem.

Chris Devera, the head tricking instructor, has been practicing and instructing both martial arts and tricking for over 20 years. Our curriculum, dubbed the "trickulum", focuses first on safety and progression, allowing students to land tricks in a safe, consecutive manner that vastly reduces chance of injury and maximizes control and understanding of the sport. With state-of-the-art equipment such as a spring floor, spring-less trampoline, tumbltrack, gymnastics blocks and wedges, and other assorted pads and crashmats, students can confidently drill techniques safety and without any fear of injury.

1 Class/Week 3 Classes/Week 5 Classes/Week Drop-In
$50/month $100/month $150/month $15/class

Tricking Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6PM
Saturday at 2:30PM

(408) 372-4337

Classes currently taught by Chris DeVera, Nevin Hall, and Everett Castro.

Pay in Advance!

About CP Studios

2790 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95052

  • 25,000 ft2 facility - the largest in the Bay
  • 54’x42’ Spring Floors. THREE of them!
  • 40ft Xtreme Tumbl Trak w/ Crash Pad
  • 20ft Xtreme Tumbl Trak w/ Crash Pad
  • Huge selection of tumble blocks + mats
  • (x2) Large circular Trampolines w/ nets
  • Rooms for parties, events, meets, etc.​
  • Mirrored Walls on the way

All Ages and Experience Levels Welcome!