Khang Vu


How to Start Tricking - A Beginner's Guide!

Have you ever seen a Trick, any sort of Trick, and then think to yourself, “Yeah nope, there’s no way I can do that.” ? It can be an intimidating activity to start up. A person new to it might think you’d have to be a high-level Martial Artist, a Gymnast, an extreme kid, or even a superhero to even try some of the moves. Back in the day maybe, but not anymore.

Where to Trick at??? These days it is way more accessible. It’s not uncommon to find a gym or a dojo in close proximity with full/supplementary Tricking programs. If you’re lucky there might be a Tricking club at your high school or your college campus (Trickers LOVE grass fields and AstroTurf). And there are more and more community hubs forming all around the world, find yourself in one of these cities with high concentrations and teams of Trickers, and you’ll have no problem diving in safely. These community hub cities often host training camps and weekend gatherings if you want to get the full experience.

Tricking in the digital age Because the growth of EVERYTHING since the dawn of the internet, there are now dozens of websites, YouTube channels, and social media pages available for research. There are hundreds of free of tutorial videos and countless personal Tricker channels online. A quick shoutout in the community pages, and it’s fairly certain you can find a Tricker near you to personally show you the ropes.

That’s the really cool thing about Trickers themselves. They’re of the most sharing, the most welcoming people on the planet. And almost all Tricker have that “the more the merrier” attitude. So if you find one, they WILL help you out. They’ll introduce you to the basics, they’ll encourage you to push the limits of your movements, they can spot you, and, maybe most importantly, they will introduce you to awesome new friends, not just locally but around the globe.