10 Tricks Every Beginner Must Know!

10 Tricks Every Beginner Should Know!

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Some trickers start off by simply wanting to learn how to do a backflip and expanding from there, some see tricking as a whole and want to start but have no idea. This is for both those types of people.
Want to get started tricking but don't know which trick to learn first? Listed here are the top 10 most basic moves to create a foundation and vocabulary of tricks so you can start tricking and combo-ing.

Learn these in any order you want, some are easier than others.

1. Tornado Kick

The Tornado Kick is important because it forms the basis of all cheat kicks as well as is the foundational "round kick" move. All tricks that end in a round kick, whether vert kick or otherwise, requires a strong tornado. The better your tornado, the better all subsequent tricks will be.

2. Skip Hook (Step-Over Hook)

Like the Tornado kick, the Skip Hook is integral to the foundation of your tricking. All hyperhooks or any trick ending in a hook kick, will be based on your Skip Hook. The muscle memory, timing, and body positioning of your Skip Hook will transfer to all future tricks that end in a Hook.

3. Cartwheel

The Cartwheel is fundamental not only as a move/setup in-and-of-itself, but it is also a pre-requisite for all sideways flips and twists. Drilling your cartwheel and making it strong is helpful in building body awareness, as well as building a strong foundation for more difficult moves.

4. Front Flip

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5. Back Tuck

6. Aerial

7. Butterfly Twist

8. Scoot

9. Gainer

10. Pop 360

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