The Tricktionary is a resource with a (nearly) comprehensive index of tricks and information on transitions, landing stances, variations, and just general tricking theory. The sport and art of tricking has grown so much from it's roots and a database and knowledgebase is necessary to help educate the current and future generation of trickers. The format of this site might be a bit daunting to a new user, but it's comprehensiveness is necessary - reflecting the diverse and complicated nature of tricking.

The tricks are broken down into three main categories: vert kicks, flips/base moves, and twists.

Vert Kicks are all kicks that stay on the vertical axis (although some off-axis twisting tends to happen at higher rotations) and is broken down by takeoff.
Flips/Base Moves are every trick that happens at every other axes that rotates under 360° and is broken down by flip-axis or takeoff stance.
Twists are the flips/base moves with extra rotation (at least 360°).

Tricking has evolved from just being about just the moves themselves, but about combo structure and the intricate transitions that add complexity and aesthetic interest to the combos themselves. So here we also have a section on landing stances and transitions.

New to Tricking?

Tricking has so many moves and variations, so when broken down it can be overwhelming for those just starting out. That's okay, check out our New Trickers Guide if you're looking for where to start with Tricking! Or, check out our Top 10 Tricks Every Beginner Must Know article for a base on where to start. There are many paths to tricking, whether you're a martial artist who wants to add more flair to their kicks, a gymnasts who wants to try some different types of flips, a dancer who wants to add some flips to their repertoire, or a person with zero background. I suggest you just poke around and see what tricking has to offer!

Can't Find a Trick?

Tricking is such a vast, expansive art form with a multitude of movements, that it would be near impossible to catalog and categorize every single trick that has been landed. But we tried anyway. We included all the big, main tricks, but we're most definitely missing some compound-variations. If you see any glaring omissions, contact us and help us make the Tricktionary more complete! You can use the same form to contact us about the improper naming of a trick or any other similar problems you have with the site.

Extra Notes:

I've attempted to have a real time clip followed by a half-speed clip of each trick, but due to the fact that these are ripped off of YouTube samplers, some of which have been speedramped, the clips may not be accurate speed. All clips belong to the trickers who did the trick/filmed it. If we used your clip without permission, feel free to contact and we will remove it.