Transitions are simply how you step from one trick to another. Mastery of transitions is essential to spicing up your individual style and complexity of combos, it's what makes tricking unique and different from other movement arts. "Transition" is sometimes used to refer to moves which help build momentum and power (cartwheel, touchdown raiz, scoot etc.), but those are not the transitions that are being referred to here - those are tricks in and of themselves.

Unified Transitions
A unified transition occurs when both feet are used simultaneously at some point in the transition.

INCLUDES: Punch, Pop, Reverse-Pop, & Bound

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Unified Transitions
A singular transition occurs when only one foot ever touches the ground before initiating the next trick.

INCLUDES: Swingthrough, Carrythrough, Wrapthrough, Missleg, & Rapid

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Sequential Transitions
A sequential transition occurs when the legs each land and takeoff in a particular order or sequence.

INCLUDES: Vanish, Skip, Redirect, & Reversal

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