The term sequential is generally understood as a transition in which the legs each land and takeoff in a particular order, or sequence, though it can also be used to describe only part of a transition in which a landing or takeoff occurs in sequence. Sequential transitions are extremely common within vert kicking, as well as to segue from an invert axis to a vert axis, and are becoming more and more popular in the inverted realm. These transitions can be described as similar to walking and running, or shuffling of the feet, and in many cases feel just as natural and potentially powerful.



Sequential landing followed by a sequential takeoff of the same order. (L-R -> L-R or R-L -> R-L).

Round to Cheat.
Hook to Swing or Aerial/Btwists.



Skips are vanishes where you hop from one foot to the other.



Sequential landing followed by a sequential takeoff (reverse order). (L-R -> R-L or R-L -> L-R).

Hook to Cheat.
Round to B-twist/Aerial.



The redirect can be described as an extension of the reversal transition, though its function is similar to that of a vanish. As the performer lands sequentially, another step is taken, usually involving a stance change, followed by a sequential takeoff. A redirect usually follows the pattern of a vanish, but with an extra step in the middle.