Vert Kicks

This category encompasses all vert kicks. It is categorized and displayed in mainstream terminology, but due to the imperfect and fractured nature of mainstream terminology, the majority of the rotation numbers assigned to tricks do not denote actual in-air rotation and might be confusing for those new to tricking.
For consistency's and simplicity's sake, I will refer to the round kicking leg as the inside leg and the hook kicking leg as the outside leg.
(ie. for left spinners: inside = right, outside = left)


Two Foot take-off in either backside or frontside.


Outside leg pumps up and around while the inside leg pushes off. Traditionally takes off in backside/neutral, but can venture into frontside when "overcheating" for higher rotational kicks. Some (TKT) differentiate between backside (cheat) kicks and frontside (wrap) kicks.


Inside leg swings up and across while outside leg pushes off. Same swing mechanic as corkscrews and cork variations, just on a vertical axis.

Landing for Verts

Hyper: Any landing +180°, and is further broken down into the following...

True Hyper: A hyper where you land on the kicking foot. (e.g 540 or Pop 360 Hyper)

Turbo: A hyper where you land on both feet. (e.g Parafuso or Pop 360)

Hyper-Style: A hyper where you land on the same leg you would normally land on, but with the extra 180° (e.g. Tornado s/t 9 uses a Tornado that lands in hyper-style)

About True Kicks Terminology (TKT)

Unsatisfied with the mainstream terminology? True Kick Terminology, or TKT was developed by Dan Perez and focuses on counting actual, in-air rotation for each kick. It also utilizes other types of terminology to denote landings and variations. Both the mainstream and TKT name is listed on each vert kick page.