Vert Kicks

This category encompasses all vert kicks. It is categorized and displayed in mainstream terminology, but due to the imperfect and fractured nature of mainstream terminology, the majority of the rotation numbers assigned to tricks do not denote actual in-air rotation.

Pop: Two Foot take-off.
Cheat: "Tornado set-up".
Swing: Vert corks lol

Landing for Verts
Hyper: Any landing +180°.
True Hyper: A hyper where you land on the kicking foot. (e.g 540 or Pop360 Hyper)
Turbo: A hyper where you land on both feet. (e.g Parafuso or Illusion)
Hyper-Style: A hyper where you land on the same leg you would normally land on, but with the extra 180° (e.g. Tornado s/t 9 uses a Tornado that lands in hyper-style)

About True Kicks Terminology (TKT)

Unsatisfied with the mainstream terminology? That's what TKT is for, it counts the actual, in-air rotation for each vert kick. TKT only affects Vert Kicks, all other tricks listed in Flips/Base Moves and Twists are unaffected. Although each trick is listed with its mainstream name, I have notated the TKT name on the page of the individual trick.