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​​Loopkicks is a Martial Arts Tricking team born and raised in the Bay Area. We have been dedicated to uniting communities through the art of tricking est. 1999.

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About Us

The Bay Area in Northern California has been a growing Mecca for Tricking since its evolution from Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance, Film, and Video Games elements in the early 90's. The Bay Area is the home of one of the first Tricking teams, "Loopkicks". The group’s core lives and collaborates together under one roof, striving to explore, preserve, teach the passion and love in tricking. Team Loopkicks is known for its week-long Tricking Camp and Gathering every summer. The camp is open to all levels and is filled with hands-on workshops, training sessions and crazy fun, ending with an amazing night show. The team brings out some of the world’s most innovative and boundary breaking trickers to enhance the campers’ learning experience, and collaborate. Info on 2017 camp will be coming soon. If you are interested in learning the art of tricking from Team Loopkicks check out our classes.

Loopkicks Tricking Classes

More than any move or trick we learn to execute its the life lessons, sense of freedom, and friends we make that are the most fulfilling. Sure, the moves/tricks we learn to execute are amazing and give us an unparalleled adrenaline rush but the feeling of friendship, community, and unity is what sets tricking apart from other sports. Over the years through tricking we’ve been able to make lifelong friends and gain a sense of unity that is hard for us to describe. Our hope is that through our tricking classes we can help you break through many of the boundaries we’ve had to overcome and introduce you to a welcoming and supportive community. Our tricking classes are open to every skill level and include a curriculum meticulously designed by renowned Loopkicks Tricking athletes as well as coaches Khang Vu and Alex Hunter. Learn everything from basic kicks to mind bending combinations of groundwork, transitions, and aerial skills. Whether your goal is to just experience the sport, learn a backflip, or one day compete at the highest level ; the Loopkicks tricking class is the best place go.

Class Info


Bay Area Movement Parkour 2016 Senter Rd, San Jose, CA 95112


Saturdays 4:30pm-5:30pm


​$70 for 1 month (4 classes). Or $20 per-class rate


Khang Vu

Khang is from San Jose, CA and began his journey in the summer of 2006. He found tricking through martial arts influences and continues to practice his martial arts through tricking. He joined Team Loopkicks in 2009 and has been a major asset to the development of the team since.

Alex Hunter

Alex grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, beginning his tricking lifestyle in 2003. Alex joined the team in 2012, serving as a major power house and master of creativity for the community.

Khang Vu

Alex Hunter

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