Tricking is a relatively new, acrobatic discipline which borrows and incorporates kicks from martial arts, gymnastics flips and twists, and ground moves from breakdancing.
These elements - kicks, flips, twists, and ground moves are fused together in creative, visually-pleasing combinations. One could say that tricking is the ultimate form of movement.

Team Loopkicks

Established in 1999 in the Bay Area, Team Loopkicks has helped grow the tricking community for almost 15 years not just in the local area, but worldwide.
Every year we hold the longest-running Tricking camp and gathering with guests and friends from all over the world. As a team, we focus on growing the art and sport of tricking throughout the Bay Area through doing demonstrations, teaching classes and workshops, hosting open sessions, and sharing our art through video.

Team Loopkicks is comprised of some of the most experienced tricking instructors with years of training and teaching experience.
Located at CP Studios in Santa Clara, we provide a space where people of all ages and experience levels can safely learn new moves. Taught primarily by Chris DeVera, a veteran martial arts and tricking instructor, these classes use a curriculum and teaching style focusing on incremental progressions and understanding body mechanics - not just throwing your body into the air until you get it. Our curriculum, dubbed "trickulum" focuses on all aspects of tricking and promotes a wide understanding of all the elements of the sport.

We will be hosting at least 2 events EVERY month. A tricking seminar/workshop and a hype open session. Make sure you keep an eye out on our Calendar page or follow us on Facebook/Instagram for updates! We also session every THURSDAY, 9-11PM at CP Studios.

The Tricktionary is a resource with a (nearly) comprehensive index of tricks and information on transitions, landing stances, and variations.
Don't know where to start with tricking? Just start clicking around and see what's out there!
Want to contribute to the knowledge base? Send us an email and we'll update the tricktionary!