Welcome to the Loopkicks Camp Website

Team Loopkicks is a group of individuals dedicated to the art and sport of Tricking. This year will mark our 13th annual international summer camp and gathering! Every year the best from all around the world come together in sunny California to share their love of the sport. This year will consist of 3 major events - the Loopkicks Mini-Camp, the Loopkicks Gathering, and the Loopkicks Summer Games. If you are interested in hands on training with some of the most experienced and insightful athletes and instructors in the craft, click the LK 2016 Camper link above! If your focus is to come and Trick in all of the open floor sessions, click the LK 2016 Gatherer link! And if you want a shot to compete for prizes and trips to some of the most amazing Gatherings in the world, click the LK 2016 Games link!

We can't wait to Trick with you! See you this summer!



Come through on FRIDAY, July 22nd!!!
Doors Open at 7:00pm
Show Starts at 7:20pm
5$ to attend

The Loopkicks Nightshow is a night of performances, trick battles and exhibitions from some of the best trickers from around the world! The Loopkicks Nightshow will also be the finals for the Loopkicks Summer Games, where the Trickers will compete to win prizes. (Prizes sponsored by the Tricking community).




Head Coordinator
Ryan Jandu
650 773 6286

Favorite Food
Fried Chicken

Ryan Jandu was a camper with a Sport Karate background at the very first Loopkicks Camps in 2004 and 2005. He later joined the team in 2006, and helped Chris deVera coordinate each Loopkicks Camp up until 2015 when he stepped up to Loopkicks Camp Director